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texty» Cliff Diving

Hey silly girl I think I got a thing for you
From late nights spent driving in this stolen car
The years we wasted living in this desert town haven't broken us
so far

Hot afternoons we climbed onto the neighbor's house
Breathed deep and jumped into a waiting sky
Our bare feet were framed on the horizon
I felt the future in your eyes

It was the promise of summer
We sealed it with a kiss
This time I'll do things proper
How did it get to this?

Dear you tonight let's get ahead of ourselves
Because now I barely can remember
Yesterday streched on for so long
Tomorrow feels like forever

My God you know how much I needed this
These days are filled with such disaster
Sometimes I think that life will never be the same
Sometimes I think that's the answer

And she said
Here comes the promise of summer
Let's seal it with a kiss
This time I'll do things proper
How did we get to this?

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